Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Cory and Kris photo 1985

A nice photo of Cory and Kris reading newspaper while having a conversation. A few moths later, Cory will embarked a gruelling campaign for Presidency to challenge Marcos, in a snap election.

Monday, August 3, 2009

More souvenirs from 1986 snap electiom

This was the kind of atmosphere everytime we went to the rally, all smiling faces, greeting each other, sharing foods and drinks, the rich and the poor hand in hand with the same goal! amazing! I dont think this kind of event will ever happen again!


Souvenir from 1986 snap election

My sister's scrapbook cover
This is a collection from the beginning of Cory Aquino’s candidacy for President 1n 1985 up to February 1986. all images are taken from my sister’s scrapbook which she painstakingly compiled, clippings, Articles, photos, souvenirs from the 1986 snap election, and the rally that she attended in the height of nationwide protest under the Marcos regime.

It will gives you a visual insight of how the atmosphere back then, full of hope inspite the turmoil, willing to sacrifice and know the meaning of solidarity.My sister was a volunteered CAPM or Cory Aquino for President Movement. Actively participated for Cory's candidacy, also a watcher in canvassing the ballots in the precinct, up to Batasang Pambansa. We also helped her set up a small headquarters by distributing campaign materials, and at nightime, attentively posting a campaign posters on the street wall. It's quite scary but a great experience.
"And now Cory left us, I feel sad at the same time proud for being part of her life, we able to do our small share to the woman who always be the Mother and the conscience of this nation.

Starting the 1 million signature campaign for Cory to run

A large cut-out poster of Cory

Doy and Cory Calendar

Miting de Avance

Official poll representative

CAPM Piso panlaban ng pinoy ID

Cory for President sticker

1986 Calendar